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Our Values

Our Company values are an integral element in the way we conduct business. Our values underpin everything we do, from recruitment  to delivering security solutions, seeking feedback and implementing initiatives to continuously improve services.
We expect all Crownland Security personnel to understand our company values and perform duties in line with each of the values indicated here:
Crownland Security is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior and will strive to instill the company’s core values and ensure proper conduct for all our employees, at all times.
Our employees always strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for client satisfaction and in doing so ensure that they maintain high professional standards by engaging in professional development in order to best learn, educate and implement, showcase the potential for leadership within the industry, every effort is made to implement best practice and reach the bset and fairest possible solution top every challenge by working together as a team.
Crownland Security encourages and empowers employees to be innovative and to challenge their own conventional knowledge of the security industry by raising their own knowledge and expectations to achieve workplace outcomes that competitors deem to be unrealistic.
We uphold the rights, beliefs and abilities of our culturally diverse community, and treat others in the wider community with the highest degree of privacy, respect, equality, dignity and trust.
Crownland Security strives to act ethically to meet client expectations and to demonstrate to the wider community, that we take full responsibility for our actions, encourage fairness and a quality through proactive workplace practice unmatched in the industry. This assurance is achieved through engendering within each employee a high degree of self-discipline, and the need for empathy for others, whether employees be on duty or not.
Crownland Security strives to meet all professional and contractual expectations and obligations, and will exhaust every opportunity to deliver superior service on time and under budget. Our employees and contractors are dedicated, loyal and mindful of client objectives and what is required every assignment.
Our employees deliver exceptional services in response to unique client needs. We pride ourselves in our streamlined operational methods that empower Crownland Security to provide solutions to client concerns in an efficient and economically responsible manner.
At all times, Crownland Security will preserve, protect and commit to keeping client confidentiality and promises not to impart any information to any other party whatsoever, including to another individual or company that may compromise a client’s right to privacy. This company is committed to observing and enacting the tenets of the Privacy Act, whether it be of the individual or of the corporate body in their professional practice. See below.


Our Customer-Centric policies and procedures, plans and actions, are all at the heart of our organisation and integrated at all levels of our operation and administration.
This empowers us to deliver quality security solutions, consistency and ensure customers’ expectation and requirements are exceeded.
It is our customer-centric service that ensures a memorable journey and experience for all our customers.
Crownland Security specialises in providing security solutions  for clients of every size and every industry across Victoria.
Our vast team of security professionals work closely with our clients to tailor security solutions underpinned by the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018 – Risk Management – Guidelines, thus ensuring business continuity and the optimum protection of assets and people.
With over 25 years security industry experience, we pride ourselves in our customer-centric, personalised security solutions we can deliver following  a timely and accurate security & risk assessment.
Our resourcing strategy empower us to quickly bring together all the resources required to deliver security solutions and security services to the highest standards so that you can focus on growing your business.
Building on our customer-centirc  core strengths and providing innovative, integrated layers of security provides optimum protection and risk reduction.
At Crownland Security, we’re focused on ensuring business continuity.
Our sustainability and corporate social responsibility (SCSR) policies are underpinned by our company values, our mission and are coherent with our business objectives.
Our SCSR strategy is integrated at all facets of our business. We recognise the current social and environmental issues and we believe we all have a role; as an organisation and as individuals to ensure a safer and sustainable future.
Our approach consists of 4 elements:
  1. Philanthropic Initiatives
  2. Operational Efficiencies
  3. Social Development
  4. Environmental Sustainability
Patrols in 2019-2020
Squatters Removed
Construction Sites Protected
Risk Assessments
We realise “one size doesn’t fit all” therefore, in conjunction with our clients, we work extremely hard, 24 hours a day to make sure we tailor our services to, exceed our clients’ expectation and KPI’s on a day to day basis.
  • Armed Mobile Patrols
  • Armed Alarm Response
  • Armed Cash in Transit
  • Armed Static Guarding
  • Armed Security Escort
  • Armed Valuables in Transit
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Static Guarding
  • Concierge Security
  • Crowd Control
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Cash in Transit
  • Valuables in Transit
  • Escort Services (ATM Technicians)
  • ATM Servicing
  • ATM Replenishment
  • Meter Collection
  • Construction Hoarding
  • Construction Boarding
  • Razor / Barb Wire Installation
  • Video Alarm System
  • Intruder / Motion Detection System
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Traffic Management – Street Events
  • Process Serving
  • Removal of Squatters
  • Customer Service / Front-line Staff

Every client is treated as though they’re our only client with 24 hour support and ‘0’ red tape.
This means decisions are made quickly and these decisions are put into motion within minutes.
Our services evolves with our clients changing needs.

Bill McMasters
Prahran Market
Operations Manager

I’m glad to have discovered Charlie Kobak, and his team from Crownland Security. My role as Operations Manager myself, I can tell you his work ethic is top notch and refreshing. It’s rare to find someone who values relationships and sincerely wants to help his clients receive the service they truly deserve as much as he does. In this industry, to stand out and succeed, one must have the ardent desire to help others succeed. Crownland Security encapsulates these fine principles. The quality of service provided by any security company will have a direct impact on the success of retail centres, office buildings, constructions sites. I highly recommend without reservation, Charlie Kobak and his team at Crownland Security.

Gino Giacobbe
Far East Consortium (Australia) Pty Ltd
Retail & Leasing Manager

‘Wanting to improve the security service at one of our sites, we decided to engage Crownland Security. The site assigned to Crownland was a complex and challenging one, which included CBD conditions, trespassers , squatters and illegal behavior. Improving the standard of the site required commitment, consistency, innovation and leadership. Charlie and Crownland immediately stepped up to this challenge, and provided what was required and more. Crownland Security’s service was just not limited to security patrols. The service provided consultation, stakeholder engagement with retailers, Victoria Police and council, extensive reporting, and recommendations. The service received has exceeded our expectations, and we will look to extend our relationship with Charlie and Crownland moving forward.’

Jesse Humphery
Blue Moon Bar | Restaurant | Café
General Manager

Charlie and his team have provided us with an exceptional level of service over the last decade. Not only are we provided with highly trained guards, placed in regular roles within our venue but are also afforded the flexibility to operate large security teams at big catered events. Every aspect of our security needs are managed to the highest standards and Charlie is very hands on to ensure that our guards are delivering.

Yossi Gallor
Space Hotel
Chief Operations Officer

We have used Crownland security for a number of years for the security within our Hotel and Bar. Charlie and his team are extremely professional both in appearance and action. We very much appreciate their patience and quick response to our last minute requests as well as their follow up and reporting. I would definitely recommend Crownland for your security needs.

Annette Saraceno
United Airport Parking

We have been using Charlie and his team at Crownland security since 2014. Crownland Security are extremely professional and reliable. All guards are well informed, polite and well groomed in uniform. The response time worth urgent assistance has always been in a timely manner. I would highly recommend the services of Crownland security above any other.