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Our Company Values are our pillars and ‘INNOVATION’, is one of them!
Crownland Security is  an innovative security business that embraces the use of technology to ensure optimum Occupation Health & Safety and the provision of quality security services through maximum efficiency in security guard performance and reporting.
When selecting  various technology to integrate into our business, we ask the following questions:  
  • How does the technology improve Occupation Health & Safety?
  • How does the technology assist improve our security operatives’ knowledge, skill and experience
  • How does the technology benefit our clients financially?
  • How does the technology improve existing service delivery to our clients?
  • How does the technology assist Police and other emergency services  as well as Crownland Security following major security incidents?
We are constantly adding to our arsenal of  crime fighting technologies and are proud of our ability to enhance our customers’ experience.


Our Drones are our eyes in the sky…
Drones support our operational crew on the ground by taking the  security operatives out of high risk situations (OH&S) and compliment existing surveillance operations.
Crownland Security is one of the first private security company in Victoria to integrate Drones into its guarding and patrol services.


Since 2018 Crownland Security has been using body-worn cameras in public-facing roles such as crowd control in night clubs and bars, as well as in retail and event security. All our armed and cash in transit guards wear body-worn camera’s.
Body worn cameras have added tremendous value  to our service quality as it has been vital in providing clients and police with evidence and the perfect platform for identifying future training and development needs.
Video footage is uploaded to each respective clients folder in our cloud storage and the client is given access to every footage and document we keep in relation to the client and our service agreement.


The tried and trusted  ‘Robust’ mobile patrol wand in the UniGuard range is designed in stainless steel for the demands and heavy handling of the security industry.
From being run over by trucks, submerged in the ocean or dropped off skyscrapers, the Robust recorder can take it all and keep on working. 
Using the Robust patrol wand by taping key checkpoints around your site, provides a record of attendance and inspection by day, date and time thus seamlessly mapping out the route  the patrol officer took while visiting your site. This data is downloaded and provided in the form of a report along with any invoice.


We respond to hundreds of false alarms each year and one effective way to avoid this is by implementing a video-verification alarm system. We use Videofied.

This product offers a quickly commissioned solution that can provide protection in areas that traditional alarms fall short. And it provides video verification reliably. 

We can use this product in areas that have no power as it can be truly wireless.Their motion viewers can be staged outdoors as well as indoors, and transmit a short video clip directly to an operator, who can then make a decision about whether authorities are needed. This is, by far, one of the most impressive home alarm system setups that we have seen in a long time!



Ready for expansion! Our 2-way radio communication system is a new generation radio system that streamlines our workforce communications and gets us talking!. This is just one of the building blocks for national expansion.  
With real time GPS tracking and  capability to conduct private and group Push To Talk communication our range of Motorola TLK100 & LEX11 helps us to connect our workforce with a revolutionary 4G platform that powers effortless voice communication across our entire security network.