Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

All covert and overt loss prevention measures are customised specifically to address the client’s needs and concerns, and are underpinned by a philosophy of impeccable communication and client service. Our loss prevention officers are well presented, friendly and approachable, and convey a message of authority and protection within a retail environment.

Overt Security

Our professional overt security presence provides an important visual deterrence to potential shoplifters and vandals. Our overt loss prevention officers also engage clients in a meet and greet position at the store entry point, providing excellent client service while continuing to attend to loss prevention requirements.

Loss prevention duties include identifying and monitoring suspicious persons, searching bags and other articles being carried from the store, attending to items that trigger the audible in-store alarms and apprehending shoplifters and vandals.

Covert Security

The benefits of our covert loss prevention officers include patrolling retail facilities in civilian attire, identifying suspicious behaviour and secretly monitoring those persons while they remain in the facility.

Covert operators provide a non-intimidating and inconspicuous presence which can be used to detect shoplifters and vandals, maintaining a constant visual of them without alarming other clients to the security situation, and apprehending them. If would-be shoplifters don’t know that security is present, they cannot avoid being noticed carrying out their offences.

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