Crowd Control Services

Crowd controlling is a highly skilled occupation and one that demands great communication and technical skill, as well as a significant and detailed review of risk and risk mitigations. Each guard is assessed on their ability to communicate clearly and effectively, their client service skills and presentation.

Our crowd control management techniques and methods include:

  • controlling entry into venues or events;
  • crowd profiling, monitoring and communicating on crowd and individual behaviour;
  • dealing with potentially aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour;
  • administering and coordinating ‘first response’ i.e. first aid or critical care
  • co-ordinating emergency evacuation of a venue or event.
  • liaising with emergency service personnel
  • supervising and advising on RSA
In the 10 years that Crownland Security has been providing Crowd Control Services there have been ‘0’ claims regarding ‘Negligence’ or ‘Excessive Force’, against our crowd controllers or our clients.
Ideal for:
  • Licensed Venue Security
    • Pubs and Bars
    • Nightclub
  • Function Security
    • Party Security
    • Sporting Event Security
    • Street Event Security
    • Cultural Event Security
    • Religious Event Security
  • Product Launch
  • Trade Show Security

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Elite Security Personnel – Counter Terrorism & Active Shooter Training

A team of elite security personnel are currently being trained in counter terrorism and managing active shooter scenarios in light of increasing threats on Australian soil.

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