Our Passion

At Crownland Security we are passionate about:

Providing our clients with superior level of customer service while ensuring maximum safety and security through proactive risk management methodologies and by:
- ensuring the highest quality of interactions through effective communication that is clear, precise and meaningful.

- ensuring timely delivery of services and undivided attention to our clients' needs and enquiries
Ensuring the continues education and upskilling of our workforce
Being socially responsible
Being socially responsible - giving back to the community, society and the people through charity work, volunteering, donations, mentoring and offering life changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.
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While the minimum entry level qualification for the security industry is a Certificate II in Security Operations, our security personnel have a minimum Certificate III in Security Operations and a minimum of 5 years security industry experience unless they have military or law enforcement background or are handpicked for a specific role.

Trust your safety with a security company that has the
dedication & decades of experience.
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